Jan 2021

30th January 2021

Freshwater Rock Pool

Hosted by Freshwater Swimming Club

Entries close 25th January 2021

Warm Up: 4:00pm
Start: 4:30pm

What is a Handicap meet?

In Handicap meets, the swimmers are “equalised” by commencing their race start at staggered time intervals based on the entry times submitted by the clubs. If each swimmer swims to their “handicap” time, all swimmers would arrive at the finishing line at the same time which is the ultimate goal (and a little tricky for judges) of the race. It makes for a fun carnival where different age groups and genders are mixed together based on ability. On go, the slowest swimmer enters the water first, followed in whole seconds by each subsequent faster swimmer. See Meet Specific Conditions below for more information.


Event Distance Stroke BBB Stroke Entry Restrictions
1 15m FREE Heats N/A *
2 25m FREE Heats N/A
3 15m FREE Finals N/A
4 25m FREE Finals N/A
5 50m FREE Heats N/A Maximum entry time:
70 seconds
6 8 x 50m CLUB RELAY 14/U **
7 50m FREE Heats
8 15m BBB Heats
9  25m BBB Finals
10  15m BBB Finals
11 25m BBB Heats
12 50m BBB OPEN Maximum entry time:
80 seconds
13 8 x 50m CLUB RELAY Finals **
14 50m BBB Finals
Download Meet Entry Form

* Bubble swimmers allowed.
** Maximum two teams per club

Meet Specific Conditions

  1. Entry times must be in whole seconds, or minutes and whole seconds
  2. For BBB (backstroke, breaststroke or butterfly) events, the stroke must be indicated on the entry form. BBB Stroke column.
  3. If a swimmer times two seconds faster than their entry time, the swimmer will be disqualified. Times slower than the entry time are acceptable.
  4. Finals will be held for all individual events. 1st and 2nd place in each heat will automatically proceed to the Finals. Additional lanes in a final may be filled by swimmers who are best placed and have swum “best break times”.
  5. Age as at the day of the meet.
  6. Contact your club race secretary to enter the carnival
  7. Entry Fees: Individual events: $2.00, Relay events $4.00 per team.
  8. Relay forms are to be collected from the Recording Desk, completed and returned to the Recording Desk before the conclusion of Event 4.

See General Conditions for WASA general meet conditions.